National Human Trafficking Hotline 1.888.3737.888
or Text "BeFree" 233733

National Human Trafficking Hotline 1.888.3737.888
or Text "BeFree" 233733





From May 2014 - August 2015 I worked with girls who had been sexually exploited in Thailand. Before this experience, I  was aware of the presence of sex trafficking in other countries; however, I did not grasp the magnitude of the issue in the United States.

Through further research, I learned that there were only two homes that worked specifically with this population of hurting youth in the state of Indiana. I knew that I could no longer sit back and do nothing. Beloved: Not Forgotten began with a small group of people coming together to pray each week over how we could serve this population of youth.

My desire is to provide home-like residential care for these youth who are so brutally abused. To see them in safety, to tell them that they have a good purpose for being on this earth, and to help them begin their healing process has become the passion of my heart.



Josh Spangle is a Detective Sergeant with the Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Department specializing in crime scene and criminal investigations as well as evidence management.  He is also Director of the Kosciusko County Crime Stoppers program and a Deputy Coroner in Kosciusko County.  Josh earned his degree from Vincennes University and has over 17 years of law enforcement experience.  Josh and his wife, Sarah, live in Kosciusko County with their two young children.  Josh is active within the community in several other areas as well.  He is currently Monroe Township Trustee and was on the Board of Directors for Multi-Township EMS.



Doug Hanes is an Assistant Vice President Commercial Lending and Business Development at First Federal Savings Bank.  He earned a bachelor’s degree from California State University, and has over 12 years of financial experience and over 25 years in business.

Doug and his wife of 25 years, Kari, live in Kosciusko County with their three children.  He has served on several area not-for-profit boards.